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Should I Take HGH, Or Steroids, Which?

The question comes down to the bare facts fairly quickly. Since they both do the same thing, albeit through different methods and different tracks , it is a difficult choice to make.  Steroids are artificial chemicals (though some are not) that produce muscle mass and weight, enhance performance, and make a person slim and trim.

HGH has about the same effect. It will produce muscle mass and slim your waist, and make a person feel and act young again, they say. So, even if you found the very best HGH, what is the best HGH vs steroids? But, HGH, for the most part, is manufactured in the brain. There is, however, some artificial HGH on the market.

The best HGH is that produced by the pituitary in the brain, when certain precursor chemicals are taken to produce the HGH. The HGH that is bought on the black or underground market does not need to use a precursor, but it has to be injected in its pure form. HGH does not have the side effects of many steroids. Artificial steroids can produce the effects more quickly than HGH. The overall effect, though, of the artificial steroids may be detrimental to certain organs if not ‘stacked’ properly. However, the overall effects of the steroids will be far more pleasing than the HGH, especially when it comes to producing muscle mass.

The HGH produce by your pituitary gland is the best HGH, though there is artificial HGH for sale that is easily purchased on the web. This artificial HGH must be injected, just like steroids. It does, however, lack the serious side effects of most steroids. It has other, more beneficial side effects as well.

So, this is a question that only the individual can decide, when they decide what is best for them, and how they will use it. Whether artificial or the real thing, the necessary research needs to be done by the individual.

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