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How To Maintain Your Six Pack Once You Have It

You may have an end-goal of having a six pack but what you may not realize is that that is not the end of your fitness journey. Once you have managed to develop your abs, you will still need to maintain them, lest you slide back into your earlier physique. Granted, maintaining a six pack is easier than getting one. However, this too requires work and commitment. If you are lucky enough to spot abs, here’s how you can keep them from disappearing.

Don’t stop working out

Just because you have abs does not mean that you revoke your gym membership. Keep going to the gym. If possible, maintain the same workout routine that led you to get abs. After all, it worked so you must have been doing the right thing. At the very least, keep working out 3-4 days a week. Remember that muscles only exist when there are used. If you let yourself go, your muscles, and that includes your abs, will vanish as well.

Stay active throughout the day

Don’t start lounging on the couch all day now that you’re ripped. A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for you and anyone else for that matter. You just might end up slowing down your metabolism to a level you don’t want.  Train yourself to remain active throughout the day. This way, your body will remain fit and your body will keep crunching those calories and burning fat. Do things like walking, playing sports, etc.

Watch those calories

Watch what you eat as well. Staying active and hitting the gym will not matter if you’re still gobbling up junk foods and snacks. Maintain a healthy diet. Also, monitor the calories you consume in a day. You may allow a cheat day to indulge in unhealthy foods but that is as much as you should allow yourself to ‘sin’ against your diet.

Keep working your core

Last but not least, keep working your core muscles. Assume that your abs are deteriorating by a small degree each day and it is upon you to work hard to reverse that. Work on the six pack machine and incorporate other abdominal exercises such as crunches, dips, curls, reverse curls and body lifts. This is especially important if your six pack is ‘not there yet’ and needs some refining.

The good news, as mentioned earlier, is that keeping your six pack is not as hard as getting one. So this should be easy for you to do.

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