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How To Get A Prescription To Order Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone is a sex hormone that occurs naturally in the male body. It is responsible for among other other things, muscle growth, improved sexual stamina, high libido, sperm production and increased bone density. During puberty, the testicles usually produce the hormone, which in turn stimulate the testicles to start producing sperms. The hormone also increases penis size and promotes muscle growth. It also increases bone density and stimulates the body to start growing hair in the underarms and groin. As a result, the male body undergoes significant transformations during puberty. Testosterone production usually peaks at around the late teens to the early twenties and stabilizes through the twenties. In the early thirties, men may start experiencing low testosterone production. As a result, they may experience a number of changes that may be deemed unpleasant. They include;

– Erectile dysfunction
– Low sex drive
– Poor sexual stamina
– Reduced muscle mass
– Reduced bone density
– Increased body fat
– Depression
– Growth of man boobs due to increased estrogen levels
– General feeling of weakness
– Baldness

These changes are quite serious and there is no guy who wouldn’t want to reverse them whatever the cost. This can be done through the use of testosterone products, which come in form of tablets, pills, injections and creams among others. You can buy testosterone online without a prescription. However, you can also go for a blood test at your doctor’s office and have a prescription written for testosterone. This will enable you to purchase testosterone products at your local pharmacy. However the dosage of testosterone pills you get will be low, which means that you can use them for bodybuilding purposes.

You can buy testosterone pills at your local pharmacy and exercise hard as you use the low-dose testosterone. This will still have some bodybuilding benefits in addition to raising your testosterone levels and reversing the unwanted changes you might have experienced.

Choosing Testosterone Products

When you buy testosterone supplement’s at your local pharmacy, with a prescription, you do not need to worry about the safety and quality of the product because licensed pharmacies only deal in the highest quality products. If you search the internet to find testosterone for sale, however, you need to be careful because nothing is guaranteed. You will have two main types of products to choose from – testosterone supplements and testosterone replacements. The latter simply mimics the effects of testosterone and works as a testosterone replacement. A testosterone supplement, however, works by stimulating the body to start producing more testosterone hormone.

The beauty of using a supplement is that you can expect long-lasting results as the body will produce natural testosterone in safe quantities. Secondly, testosterone boosters do not usually have serious side effects. With testosterone replacement products, you can expect a number of major side effects, including, testosterone suppression. These products can also affect your cholesterol levels, which may lead to heart disease, such as stroke and heart attack. Liver and kidney damage can also arise due to hypertoxicity associated with these drugs.

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